American Summer by ChamberMusic, written by Sophie and Dominic Chambers

Fire and Grace by ChamberMusic

Bluegrass by ChamberMUsic

 Not your traditional bluegrass sound; this is Kansas City bluegrass with Dominic, Sophie and John (and sometimes Mom). You'll find us at our local bluegrass venues in Kansas City, at Silver Dollar City May 29-30, and even opening a show for the Baldknobbers in Branson. Enjoy! Better yet, we'd love to play for your event. 

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ChamberMusic at Callaway Senior Center

 —  —

Callaway Senior Center, 531 Commons Drive,, Fulton, Mo. 65251

An evening of bluegrass at the Callaway Senior Center in Fulton, Mo. ChamberMusic has been playing as a family for more than 10 years, with a mix of old-time and new grass. Dominic, 20, is a junior at MU's Sinclair School of Nursing and a Navy ROTC midshipman; Sophie, 17, is a senior in high school, and hoping to further study music/business mix; John, 14, is a freshman in high school and the bassist and violinist in the group. Mom plays bass, at times.

$10 in advance; $12 at the door

Sophie Chambers with Northland Symphony Orchestra

Park Hill South High School, Kansas CIty, MO

Sophie, 17, won the youth concerto competition with the Northland Symphony Orchestra for the second year in a row. Come hear the Dvorak Cello Concerto.

FREE Age limit: All ages


ChamberMusic On KMOV's Great Day St. Louis

KMOV News 4, St. Louis, MO

Watch for the highlight on ChamberMusic about the band and the upcoming show at The Old Feed Store.

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What's happening with ChamberMusic

Nine shows in 7 days 

Cannot emphasize enough the need for all to step outside the comfort zone. If I had not extended myself to asking Mr. DA Callaway about our band playing in Silver Dollar City a few years back, we would have missed out on meeting some of our very closest friends. We would have missed fellowship spiritually, musically. My kids have made so many connections with friends and music industry folk through our association that began in Silver Dollar City.

We had the pleasure of playing the very FIRST show in Branson, the Baldknobbers this past week. Let's not talk about the stage clock being slow by 10 minutes (who knew?!), because the people in the audience and with the show were awesome.

And nothing better than listening to the pros and those in the minors play bluegrass at Silver Dollar City's Bluegrass and BBQ. 

Travels to St. Louis, Mo., McKenzie, Tenn., Cobden, Ill. 

Had a great trip to visit (Uncle) Matt Chambers on Great Day St. Louis. We got to promote the upcoming show in Cobden, Ill, at The Old Feed Store. Then it was south to Bethel University, for Sophie to jam with Bethel's Renaissance band. Next day to Carbondale, Ill, for a radio spot and on to The Old Feed Store!

Bluegrass as spring 2015 rolls in 

What a great two days of performances. First show at St. Jude's Auction at the Oak Grove Civic Center, Oak Grove, Mo. Wonderful people to just hang out with and fun to play for. Love it when the little ones -- or the big ones-- dance! And then the next evening to a beautiful country farm just northeast of Kansas City... Kids playing, horses romping and chickens everywhere. The perfect spot for the Virginia Reel and dancing again. We are so blessed to have these opportunities!

Cover for MAPS by Sophie Chambers and Corey Smith 

New today, Feb. 18, is the video by producer Corey Smith of Ash Breeze Band in Fayetteville, NC. Sophie plays cello and sings; Corey plays guitar, harmonizes and plays other instrumentation. It's amazing. Enjoy on our Music page!

Also coming up next is a gig at St. Jude's out on the east side of the Kansas City metro area, March 21.

Plan to be at The Old Feed Store, March 28. This should be a blast! Limited seating, so get tickets early!!

Heading into 2015 

Finally got a new mic for the old sound system. Trying to put that to work as we work up a new set list for the shows leading up to our Silver Dollar City shows, May 19-20. Plus, the youth band competition follows those performances. One day, 20 bands, 4 songs per band. 

Song choice is underway!

Moving forward in 2014 

Dominic, Sophie and John enjoyed playing for crowds at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Mo., and the International Bluegrass Music Association in Raleigh, NC this year! Meeting Doyle Lawson, and opening his show in Kansas City was a blast, as was meeting Rhonda Vincent at the Claremore, OK, Bluegrass & BBQ fest! Highlights also included being asked to play at the Homeschool Fest in El Dorado Springs, Mo., and the many local fests and parties we got to play for.